From "The History of Columbia and Mountour Counties"
Battle, 1887

George W. APPLEMAN, farmer, P.O. Welliversville, was born on the farm where he now resides, November 10, 1840, a son of George and Rebecca (KINNEY) APPLEMAN, the former a native of Montour County, the latter of New Jersey. To George and Rebecca were born six children that grew to maturity: Matthias, Isaac K., Amanda, David, George W. and Emanuel. Amanda is the wife of Hiram BOWMAN; David resides in Wisconsin; Isaac K. in Mount Pleasant; Matthias in Bloomsburg; the others in this township [Orange]. George W. was reared on the farm. He taught school several years during the winters and remained with his parents as long as they lived. He married, in January, 1881, Elizabeth McHENRY, a daughter of John and Sabrina (CONNER) McHENRY. He has two children: Edith and Arthur R. Mr. APPLEMAN owns 140 acres of land and is a member of the Grange. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 521-522)

Emanuel L. APPLEMAN, farmer, P.O. Welliversville, was born on the homestead in Columbia County, June 2, 1848, the youngest son of George and Rebecca APPLEMAN, and was reared to agricultural pursuits. February 6, 1872, he married Elizabeth J., daughter of Samuel GILLASPY. She was born near Rohrsburg, and to her and husband have been born four children: Fannie Udella, Lulla May, Charles Orval and Hubert Harold, the latter dying September 27, 1881, aged six months and six days. Mr. APPLEMAN has a farm of 100 acres, which is highly improved and one of the best in the township. Both Mr. and Mrs. APPLEMAN are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, with which they have been identified since about 1885. He is a member of the Grange. Mrs. APPLEMAN was born September 14, 1850, in Greenwood Township, a daughter of Samuel and Charity (VAN HORN) GILLASPY. She has five sisters and two brothers, all of whom are living in the county except Ida, the wife of Ellwood KESTER, of Audubon County, Iowa, and James, in Montour County. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 522)

Wesley BOWMAN, farmer, P. O. Orangeville, was born in Mifflin Township, this county, October 3, 1818. The BOWMAN family came originally from Switzerland, whence Wesley's great-grandfather came to this country and settled near Delaware Water Gap, Northampton Co., Penn., and died near Newberry in 1830. He had four sons: Jesse, John, Christopher and Thomas. Thomas was the father of Henry, Christopher, John Jesse, Wesley, George, Sophia, Sarah and Susan. Of these, Henry was the father of our subject, and was born in Northampton County, Penn., about 1785. He removed with his father to Briarcreek about 1800. His wife was Sarah, daughter of James BROWN, and after marriage they moved to Mifflin Township, where he engaged in farming. There he also built a mill and passed the remainder of his life, dying in 1828. His widow survived until 1868. They were the parents of fifteen children, thirteen of whom lived to be grown: Samuel, Christopher F., Thomas, John, George L., Henry, Manassah, Wesley (subject), Mary, Peniniah, Seth, Hiram, Lavinia, and all of these, save John, married and reared families. Wesley remained in Mifflin Township until he was fourteen years of age. Later he operated a mill for his uncle, and in November, 1839, married Mary Ann WILLIAMS, daughter of Samuel and Maria (WHITE) WILLIAMS. In 1844 Mr. BOWMAN located where he now resides, on what was known as the Frutchy tract, and in the fall of 1868 built BOWMAN's mill on Fishing creek. He has about seventy acres in the mill tract. He has had four sons and one daughter: Righter R., Henry C., Taylor Z., Millard F. and Anna M. Righter R. died in 1871. He and Henry C. served in the civil war, both in the Sixth Regiment Pennsylvania Reserves.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 522)

Capt. Harrison J. CONNER was born in Orange Township, Penn., December 9, 1841, the eldest son of Isaiah CONNER, who was born in Centre Township in 1812, son of John CONNER, a Pennsylvanian by birth. Subject's mother's maiden name was Catharine, daughter of Reece MILLARD. Three children were reared to maturity: Harrison J., Millard F. and William T. Isaiah CONNER died in 1855; his widow is yet living. Harrison J. worked in the tannery with his father when young, and the war breaking out he enlisted as a private in Company A. Sixth Regiment of Pennsylvania Reserves, for three years, served out his time and filled every position up to second lieutenant in his company. After serving out his time he was commissioned first lieutenant, and was in Company G, Third Regiment United States Veteran Volunteers, Hancock's First Army Corps; served until the spring of 1866, coming out as captain. After his return home he visited the West; was elected justice of the peace, and is now serving his second term.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 522)

Joseph CRAWFORD, farmer, Orangeville, is descended from one of the early settlers of Columbia County, and was born in Mount Pleasant Township, September 25, 1818. His father, Joseph CRAWFORD, was born in 1778 and was the second white child born in Northumberland County, in a fort. Joseph, Sr., was a son of Edward CRAWFORD, of Scotch descent, whose ancestors came from Scotland and settled in the lower counties. Our subject's mother was Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew MELLICK. Subject's father was reared to farming, and he and wife had eleven children, nine of whom were reared to maturity. Edward, Andrew, John, Joseph, Stephen, Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann. Our subject remained on the farm until he was twenty-seven years of age. In 1842 he married Catherine, daughter of Harmon and Anna (Evland) Labour, AND IN 1846 LOCATED ON HIS FARM IN Mount Pleasant, where he resided until 1877. He then located in Orange Township and there he has since remained. He has been successful; owns several farms, and has a competence for his declining years. To him and wife nine children were born, five of whom are living: Clinton, Harmon, William, Alfred and Anna. All reside in this county except Harmon, who is in Russell County, Kas. Another son, Joseph F., was killed in New Mexico in December, 1880, and three died of diphtheria in 1866. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 522)

William DELONG, retired, Orangeville, was born March 3, 1813, in Orangeville, when there were but a few houses in the place. When eighteen years of age he began learning the shoemaker's trade, and followed it continuously until 1884, since which time he has lived retired. He began poor but by patient industry and economy acquired a competency for his declining years. He married in February, 1842, Rebecca LABENBERG, born in Catawissa, daughter of Lewis LABENBERG. Four children were born to this union: Perry, engaged in the harness business. Samuel DELONG, father of our subject, was an early resident of Sunbury and a son of John DELONG. Samuel married Elizabeth PLANK and they became the parents of Edward, henry, William, Jesse, Mary and Catherine. Edward and Catherine removed to Northampton County, where the former died; Jesse moved to Luzerne County, while William and Henry settled in Orange Township; mary is the wife of Henry FAUS, and resides in Ohio; Catherine never married. Our subject is a member of the Lutheran Church and has been since he was eighteen years of age. Politically he is a Greenbacker.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523)

Joseph Patton DeWITT, farmer and stock dealer, P.O. Rohrsburg, was born in Orange Township, this county, January 5, 1846, the youngest child of Isaac and Nancy B. (STEWART) DeWITT. Isaac was born in Rush Township, Montour County, was a wheelwright by trade and also followed farming. In 1851 he located one mile north of Rohrsburg. He reared a family of five children: Amanda, Clinton K., James M., Williamson M., and Joseph. Amanda married Jacob TERWILLIGER, of Light Street; Clinton and James are farmers in Fishingcreek; Williamson M. died in January, 1885. The father died July 9, 1875. Joseph P. remained at home until about the age of twenty-five. In 1875 he purchased the property where he now resides, and which has since been his home. He is engaged in farming and stock raising and also in huckstering. He married, in 1867, Susan A. REECE, daughter of T. J. and Mary (REEDER) REECE. Three children bless their union: Cora B., Thomas E. and Stella M. One died in infancy. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523)

Alpheus Moore DeWITT, merchant, Orangeville, was born at Light Street, Penn., February 12, 1851, a son of John H. and Caroline (MEARS) DeWITT. John H. was born near Light Street in Orange Township, a son of Isaac and Mary (HAUGHAUAT) DeWITT, and two weeks after his birth was taken by his grandfather, Abram MOORE. He lived with him until he was eighteen years of age, when he returned to Light Street to learn the trade of a wheelwright. He married in 1849 and died march 11, 1857; his widow survived him until 1881. To him and wife were born four children: Alpheus M., George B., Lillie M. and Hester A. Lillie M. died in childhood. Hester A. married Boyd Henry and located in Light Street; George B. married Jennie LAMON, located in Plymouth and died in February, 1881. Alpheus M. is now the only male representative of the family, and was but six years old when his father died. He was reared by Abram MOORE in Greenwood until nineteen years of age. Later he attended the normal school at Bloomsburg during the summer, and taught school in the winter and farmed in Greenwood. From 1879 to 1881 he clerked in a store, and in May of the latter year set up in business for himself, in partnership with George S. FLECKENSTINE, under the firm name of FLECKENSTINE & DeWITT, which association continued until December, 1883. Mr. DeWitt then started on his own account in the building which he now occupies. He carries a general stock of merchandise, drugs, hardware, paints, oils, etc., and does a good business. He married in February, 1880, Mary S. CONNER, who was born in this township, a daughter of Samuel and Mary (ACHENBUCH) CONNER. They have one child living, Mary; Harold C. died at the age of four years. Mr. DeWITT is a member of the Reformed Church. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523)

Abram B. DILDINE, farmer, P.O. Welliversville, is a son of Andrew DILDINE, who was born near Bloomsburg, this county. Andrew was a son of John and married Ruth BOGART, daughter of Abram and Margaret (CREEGER) BOGART. To them were born four sons and six daughters: Elizabeth Ann, Abram B., John O.., Margaret, Jacob, Isaiah, Amanda, Sarah J., Mary E., Ruth. Abram B. was born May 27, 1816, on the REICHARD farm, and lived here until he was thirteen years of age. When twenty-one years of age he began to learn the carpenter's trade, which he followed several years, and becoming a contractor did an extensive business. His first wife died April 26, 1878, quite suddenly of heart disease. After her death he abandoned contracting, returned to his children and engaged in farming. In June, 1883, he married Mrs. Eliza FREECE, who was born in this county, a daughter of Henry HOOMEL. By his first wife he had nine children: John A., Ruth C., Celestia A., Sarah M., George W., Dora J., Mary A., Joseph C. and Amanda A. His first wife was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which he and his present wife are also members. Mr. DILDINE is a member of the Grange; politically he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523)

Isaac K. DILDINE, farmer, P.O. Welliversville, the youngest son of Andrew and Ruth (BOGART) DILDINE, was born in this county June 3, 1826, and when six years of age came with his father to this township. He located on the farm now owned by Reece McHENRY, a part of which tract is now owned by our subject. Isaac remained at home until twenty years of age and farmed for his father. He first married, December 6, 1853, Angeline B. HUGHES, who was born June 26, 1829, in this county, a daughter of Charles and Mary (RHODES) HUGHES. After marriage he located on the farm he now owns. Mrs. DILDINE died March 20, 1863, the mother of three children: George H., Charles H., Anna E., and of these Charles H. is the only one now living. The other children died of diphtheria—George March 31, and Anna E. April 1, 1863—and were buried in one grave. December 6, 1868, Mr. DILDINE married Mrs. Angeline DRAKE, a native of this county and a daughter of Peter KNORR. To this union one child, Cora B., was born, September 12, 1871, and died of diphtheria December 18, 1881. By her former husband, Col. Levi DRAKE, Mrs. DILDINE had three children: Winfield Scott, McKindra L. and Laura M., in Ford county, Kas., the wife of Frank P. VANDERSLICE. Col. DRAKE was a soldier in Forty-ninth Ohio Infantry, and was killed at the battle of Stone River, being in command of the regiment at the time of his death. He also served with distinction in the Mexican war. McKindra L. was killed August 9, 1877, in the Rocky Mountains, at the battle of Big Hole by the Nez Perces Indians. He was an orderly and a brave soldier. Winfield S. served during the civil war and returned home unscathed, and is a practicing physician in Erville, Muskingum Co., Ohio. Mr. DILDINE is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Mrs. DILDINE of the Presbyterian Church, at Orangeville. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523-524)

James B. HARMAN, justice of the peace, Orangeville, was born in Orange Township, October 17, 1833, a son of George and Mary (KNORR) HARMAN. His father was a native of Northampton County, Penn., a son of Henry HARMAN, of German stock. James B. learned the cabinet-maker's trade, of which he was master at the age of twenty. He then bought out Alfred HOWELL, with whom he had learned the business, and has since conducted the same. He married Harriet, daughter of Judge COVANHOVEN. Mr. and Mrs. HARMAN are the parents of four children: Lawrence C. and William W. in Leavenworth, Kas., and George H. and Della. Mr. HARMAN was elected justice of the peace in 1862, and has since occupied that position, and has also held nearly all the other township offices. He is a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church, and a member of the A. F. & A. M., Lodge No. 460, also of the R. A. and Commandery. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 524)

George W. HESS, farmer, P.O. Orangeville, was born July 16, 1845, on the farm where he now resides, and which he owns. His father, Jeremiah HESS , was born in Salem, Luzerne County, and married Maria POE. George W. was reared to agricultural pursuits and took charge of the farm in the spring of 1869. He married October 15, 1868, Sarah SMITH, a native of Luzerne County, born in 1845, a daughter of Samuel SMITH. Mr. and Mrs. HESS have five children: Maria C., Clarence M., Samuel S., Ernest E. and Joseph M. They are members of the Reformed Church. Mr. HESS is a Democrat in politics. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 524)

George Leonard JOLLY, M. D., Orangeville, was born in Kingston District, Luzerne County, Penn., September 16, 1855. At the age of twelve he began his self-sustaining career. He received the advantages of the common schools and afterward attended the high school, and later took a full academic course in Beaumont, Wyoming County. He then came to Orangeville where he studied Latin and Greek under the instruction of Rev. CANFIELD, and finally nearly completed his course in Lafayette College and soon expects his degree—A. M. He then returned to this place and taught in the academy for nearly five years, during which time he began reading medicine with Dr. O. A. MEGARGELL, and afterward graduated with honors at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md., in the spring of 1883, also receiving a duplicate from Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. He began to practice at Wapwallopen with Dr. SHUMAN, who shortly after went to Florida to recruit his health, leaving his practice to Dr. Jolly, who remained three years, coming in February, 1886, to Orangeville, where he purchased the residence and practice of Dr. C. W. AMMERMAN. Dr. Jolly is in every respect a self-made man, for which he deserves credit. He has now a large practice which is increasing rapidly. March 10, 1885, he married Miss Sadie J., a native of Luzerne County and a daughter of Thomas B. CASE. The Doctor and Mrs. JOLLY are Christian people. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 524)

A. H. KITCHEN, farmer, P. O. Orangeville. Amos HICKSON KITCHEN was born in Greenwood Township, September 22, 1826, the eldest son of Daniel and Allace (SMITH) KITCHEN. The grandparents were Wheeler and Sarah (HICKSON) KITCHEN, the former a native of New Jersey. Wheeler and his wife had nine children: Daniel, Henry, Samuel, Joseph, Sarah, Mary, Jane, Rachel and Anna. Daniel was twice married; first to Allace SMITH, who bore him four children: Amos H., Sarah A., Daniel and Samuel. When he was quite young Amos H. removed with his father to Fishingcreek Township, where he remained until he was twenty-four years of age. August 7, 1849, he married Sarah McHENRY, who was born in Fishingcreek Township June 14, 1827. After marriage Mr. KITCHEN removed to Greenwood Township and located on a farm, remaining until April 3, 1873. He then removed to his present place, but still owns the homestead in Greenwood Township. He and Mrs. KITCHEN are the parents of five children: Daniel Wheeler, Amos P., Clemuel B., Margaret J. and John V. Daniel W. resides in Bloomsburg, the manager of the Farmers' Exchange store; Clemuel is engaged in railroading, and Margaret is the wife of Howard KLINE, and resides in Wood County, Ohio. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 524)

Col. Hiram R. KLINE, (deceased) was born in this township December 27, 1815 on the farm now occupied by A. H. KITCHEN, and was a descendant of one of the representative families of Columbia County. His grandfather, Abram KLINE, immigrated to America from Germany prior to the Revolution, located in New Jersey and then moved westward to what is now Orange Township, Columbia Co., Penn., settling here when the county was a wilderness. His children were Harmon, Abram, George, Matthias, Isaac and Elizabeth. Isaac was the father of Hiram R. and married Mary, daughter of Abram WILLETT, and by her had ten children: Charity, Sarah, Abram, Elizabeth, Lavina, Hiram R., Peter, Almira, Arminta and Mary. Hiram R. married October 31, 1842, Rebecca, daughter of John and Mary E. (FEHR) ACHENBACH, who was born December 25, 1817, in Briarcreek Township. At the age of thirteen she moved with her parents to Orange Township. After marriage Mr. KLINE moved to Raven creek and for five years was engaged in milling. He returned to Orange Township and engaged in farming until the spring of May 29, 1881, while on a trip to the farm. He was a staunch Democrat, for years was weighmaster of the North Pennsylvania Canal, and in 1860 represented the county in the Legislature. He was an excellent singer and taught vocal music in his early manhood. He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church and an esteemed citizen in the community in which he lived. He left a widow and four children: Mary E., wife of Joseph K. MOYER, resides in Centre County, Penn.; Sarah J., is the wife of Rev. A. HOUTZ; Joseph Howard, married Maggie J., only daughter of A. H. KITCHEN; Harriet A., married John F. MENGLE. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 524-525)

James M. LONG, hotel-keeper, Orangeville, was born October 12, 1847, in Huntington Township, Luzerne Co., Penn., a son of Joseph F. and Sallie (SHAY) LONG. The father was born April 7, 1810, in Luzerne County, a son of Abram LONG. The mother was born June 29, 1824, in Seneca County, N. Y., a daughter of Samuel and Sallie (FOWLER) SHAY. The SHAY family came originally from Ireland, and the maternal great-great-grandfather of our subject married a sister of Lord FITZGERALD, of Scotland. Joseph F. and Sallie LONG had four children: Charles, James M., Abram and Harris, the last named being deceased. Charles served through the civil war as an artilleryman and is now a minister of the gospel of the Christian Church, and is stationed at Youngstown, Ohio; Abram resides in Espytown. After his marriage Joseph F. located in Luzerne County and engaged in farming. In 1850 he removed to Greenwood and conducted a foundry there. He died May 25, 1879; his widow yet survives him. James M. was reared to farming and learned the molder's trade, at which he worked fourteen years. September 8, 1864, he enlisted in Company D, Two Hundred and Tenth Pennsylvania Volunteers, Second Division, Fifth Corps, and received an honorable discharge at the close of the war. He returned home and worked for three years in the lumber woods of Sullivan County. He then came to Benton and drove stage three years and afterward engaged in farming. In the spring of 1886 he came to Orangeville and took charge of the Hagenbuch Hotel property. In 1865 he married Arminta J., daughter of Daniel J. and Elizabeth (TAYLOR) PHILLIPS. They have two children: Emma and Bert E. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 525)

Cyrus McHENRY, farmer and surveyor, Orangeville, was born September 12, 1821, a son of Edward and Sarah (CUTTER) McHENRY. The former was born November 1, 1789, in Orange County, N. Y., a son of Thomas McHENRY, who was a soldier in the Revolution, and whose ancestors came from Ireland. Our subject's mother was born in Northampton County, Penn., in 1791, a daughter of Samuel and Mary (COLE) CUTTER. Thomas McHENRY, the grandfather of Cyrus, came with his wife and family to Columbia County, in 1791, and located in Fishingcreek Township. The children of Edward and Sarah McHENRY were Keturah, Samuel, Cyrus, Thomas, Mary, all of whom lived to be grown and all reared families, except Keturah. Cyrus was reared to farming and learned surveying from his father, with whom he remained until the latter's death. He resided on the old homestead until 1886, when he moved to town and has since lived retired. June 9, 1864, he married Mrs. Rebecca HAGENBACH, who was born in Centre Township March 13, 1833, a daughter of Henry and Susanna DELONG. The former was born in Berks and the latter in this county. Mr. and Mrs. McHENRY have three children; Edward, Sadie and Emma; Edward resides on the homestead; Sadie is a dressmaker in Bloomsburg, and Emma at home. Mr. McHENRY still attends to special calls for surveying. Politically he is a Democrat. Mrs. McHENRY'S father was a son of Andrew DeLONG, whose wife was a METZLER. Her mother was a daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (YOXSTIER) SEIBERT. Henry DeLONG and wife had four children that grew to maturity: Peter, Rebecca, John and Elizabeth.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 525)

O. A. MEGARGELL, M. D., P.O. Orangeville, was born May 18, 1836, in Wayne County, Penn., a son of Joseph MEGARGELL, who was born near Philadelphia and who married Abigail HEWETT. Our subject's paternal grandfather was also named Joseph and was twelve years old when the British occupied Philadelphia. His maternal great-great-grandfather was Capt. Dethic HEWETT, who was killed at the massacre of Wyoming. The MEGARGELLs are of Scotch origin; the HEWETTs of Welsh. John HEWETT, son of Capt. Dethic, was the first sheriff of Luzerne County, Penn. Joseph MEGARGELL, father of our subject, was born June 20, 1803, and died in 1876. His wife was born July 7, 1817. They became the parents of seven children: Orville Albinas (subject), Thomas J., Martha R., Alice L., Mary E. and Joseph H. living, and Dethic, now deceased, who served in the Sixth Pennsylvania Reserves, Company A, in the civil war. Thomas J. is a merchant in Scranton, Penn., and Joseph is a merchant at Big Rapids, Mich.; Martha is in the millinery business at the same place, and Alice is the wife of Dr. VANCE, of Rohrsburg, this county. The others are deceased. Orville A. was reared on the farm and came to this place with his uncle, John MEGARGELL, with whom he remained until he was fifteen years of age. He then worked at home and at the age of seventeen began teaching school. He then took up the study of medicine in the spring of 1856 and continued in his studies until graduating in June, 1859, at Castleton, Vt. In July of that year he began practice in Luzerne County where he remained; until May, 1861; then he came to Orangeville, and there he has since remained. November 3, 1859, he married Rebecca, daughter of Samuel and Phoebe ACHENBACH. Dr. and Mrs. MEGARGELL have three children: Lillie, Fannie and George Mc. The Doctor is a member of the A. F. & A. M. of the R. A. C., and the Commandery at Bloomsburg. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 525-526)

John NEYHARD, farmer, P.O. Orangeville, was born in September, 1817, in what is now Centre Township. His father, Christian NEYHARD, was born near Allentown, Lehigh Co., Penn., and removed to this county about 1800. He settled in Centre Township and engaged in farming. His wife, Elizabeth SEAGER, bore him eight children: Solomon, Lydia, Mary, Freney, David, Daniel, Hannah and John; all of whom settled in this county except Lydia, who moved west. John was reared on a farm and has been twice married, first to Sally Ann EVANS, a daughter of Benjamin EVANS and a native of this county. Mrs. NEYHARD died in September, 1842, leaving one child, Lavina, wife of O. B. HERRING. His second wife was Esther V. FLECKENSTINE, a daughter of Jacob and Margaret FLECKENSTINE. To this union nine children were born: Francis, who was accidentally killed on the railroad, December 23, 1867; Margaret, Anna E., Mary, Isaiah, Amos, William H., Aggie and Esther C. Mr. NEYHARD on coming to this county purchased eighty-five acres, which was a part of the KLINE tract. He and Mrs. NEYHARD are members of the Reformed Church; politically he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 526)

Aaron R. PATTERSON, farmer, P.O. Orangeville, a member of one of the representative families of this county, was born April 6, 1833, in Greenwood Township. His grandfather, Archibald PATTERSON, was a native of Scotland, and on immigrating to this country located in what is now Greenwood Township. He was twice married, but his first wife, Effie, from whom is descended this branch of the family, bore him the following children: Archibald, John, Aaron, William George, Effie, Jane and Ann, all of whom reared families and settled in the county, except Jane who moved to Pottsville. William was the father of Aaron R., and was born in Greenwood Township, January 17, 1803. February 9, 1826, he married Charity Ann KLINE, who was born October 9, 1804. William died July 26, 1852, and his widow August 4, 1883. Eight children were born to them, as follows: Abram W., Aaron R., Matthew B., Daniel M., Mary E., Isaac E., Sarah L. and Effie E. Aaron R. removed to this township with his parents during his minority, and for several years carried on milling for his father at Stillwater, Fishingcreek Township. After his father's death he returned to this county, and later, December 31, 1859, married Sarah E. KLINE, who was born in Greenwood Township, January 29, 1831. Five children were born to Mr. and Mrs. PATTERSON; Anna A., William H., Frank W., Charles E. and Lizzie. Mr. PATTERSON has resided on his present farm since 1857, engaged in agricultural pursuits, and is a ready worker in wood and iron. He and Mrs. PATTERSON are members of the Presbyterian Church at Orangeville. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 526)

M. B. PATTERSON, farmer, P.O. Orangeville, is the third son of William and Charity Ann PATTERSON, and was born June 4, 1835. He was reared in Orange Township to agricultural pursuits. December 27, 1860, he married Nancy C. YOUNGS, a native of the Dominion of Canada, and a daughter of Abraham and Susanna (HORTON) YOUNGS. Mr. PATTERSON is engaged in farming, and having no children of his own has adopted tow. He is public spirited and identified with the Presbyterian Church at Orangeville, in which he is a ruling elder and recording secretery. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 526)

George N. SMITH, tinner, Orangeville, was born in Luzerne County, Penn., in 1849, the third son of Conrad and Julia Ann (WATMAN) SMITH. Conrad was a native of Bavaria, a blacksmith by trade, and emigrating to this country settled in Luzerne County, Penn., where he remained until 1868. He then came to this county and located in Orangeville, where he died in 1873; his widow in 1874. They had a family of four sons and four daughers. George N. began to learn the trade of tinner with his brother, and worked for the latter in this place for three years. In 1873 he bought his brother's interest, and has since continued in the business himself. He married, September 24, 1872, Blanche P., daughter of Jonas KISNER. Mr. SMITH is a member of the I. O. O. F., No. 264, Mountain Lodge; is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been identified with the business interests of Orangeville for eighteen years, and makes a specialty of iron tin roofing and spouting. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 526)

Dr. A. P. STODDART, Orangeville, was born in the city of Philadelphia, June 25, 1857, a son of John A. and mary C. (KENNARD) STODDART, the latter a daughter of Rev. Joseph H. KENNARD, a prominent divine of that place. Our subject was educated in Philadelphia, commenced reading medicine in 1877, and graduated from the Hannemann Medical College March 10, 1880. He then began the practice of his profession in a hospital of his native city, where he remained a short time. He then moved to this county and engaged in the practice of his profession in this township, where he has an excellent patronage. He married in April, 1883, Lizzie B., daughter of Joseph LILLEY, of Light Street. Dr. STODDART is a zealous member of the masonic order, Oriental Lodge, No. 460, A. Y. M. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 526-527)

Miles A. WILLIAMS, tanner, Orangeville, was born March 15, 1827, a son of Daniel R. and Elizabeth (COMSTOCK) WILLIAMS. The father was a native of Sussex County, N. J., and a son of John Williams, of Scotch-Irish descent. His mother was a daughter of Zebulon COMSTOCK, who was saved in the Wyoming massacre on account of his plump appearance as an infant. Miles A. was reared in Luzerne County up to 1846, when, in April of that year, he came to this county. In 1843 he commenced learning the tanner's trade in Luzerne County, and later commenced business for himself in this township and county, in partnership with Samuel Achenbach, which continued until 1853. He then superintended one year for Alexander CREVELING, in Centre Township, this county. He then returned to Orangeville and worked one year for Isaiah CONNER, when he erected a building and engaged in business for himself. His business has constantly increased since then, and he now tans about 700 or 800 hides a year. In November, 1853, he married Lavonia, daughter of John and Elizabeth (GREEN) COVANHOVEN. They have four children: Laura, Warren W., James L. and Edith. Harvey S. died May 22, 1885, aged eighteen years, six months and six days; Elizabeth died at the age of three years, and John H. died in infancy. Mrs. WILLIAMS died July 25, 1882, a Christian woman. Mr. WILLIAMS is a member of the F. & A. M. and has been the second master in Oriental Lodge, No. 460. Since 1856 he has been indentified with the Republican party. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 527)

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