From "The History of Columbia and Mountour Counties"
Battle, 1887

JOSHUA B. DAVIS, FARMER, P. O. Cole's Creek, was born in Benton Township, this county, September 4, 1842, son of Thomas DAVIS, who was a son of Reuben DAVIS, who came to Columbia County, Penn., in an early day, locating at Catawissa, thence moved to Bloom Township and in 1815 settled on Raven Creek, Benton Township; he took a good farm there and cleared it up out of a wilderness, and died there July 3, 1858. His wife was Catherine MILLER, and they had eight children: John, Mary, Thomas, Catherine, Ellen, Sarah, Elizabeth and Anna. Solomon and Richard DAVIS, brothers of Reuben, were also settlers in Columbia County. Our subject lived in Benton Township until his marriage, when he settled on Coles Creek. He married December 31, 1863, Harriet E., daughter of Jacob HARRINGTON of Sugarloaf Township, this county, and they had eight children: Kate E., wife of Herbert HESS; John W., deceased; Thomas W., Ernest G., Walter B., Lena G., Emma B. and Alice P. Mr. DAVIS owns 250 acres of land in Upper Coles Creek, where he settled in 1867 and lumbered until 1880, since which time he has farmed almost exclusively, except in the season of manufacturing "oil of birch". In politics Mr. DAVIS is a Democrat.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 538)

THE FRITZ FAMILY. This highly respectable family, so well known, need more than a passing mention. "FRITZ Hill" is known all over Columbia County. The first settler on this historic spot was Philip FRITZ, who came from Philadelphia too this county in 1795; he settled on the east branch of Fishing Creek, near where Thomas FRITZ now lives, in the vicinity of Central, and in 1797 he removed to the old homestead at present occupied by Jesse FRITZ. This land was his wife's heirloom. She was Charlotte DEBORGUR, also a native of Philadelphia. Henry DEBORGUR and his wife Elizabeth had six children: Mary, Charlotte, henry, Catherine, Esther and Jacob. The tract of land contained 400 acres and was divided among the six children, and Philip, of course, controlled the property left by his wife. On this farm they reared their children, in the woods, away from everything but "real nature," living in obscurity and without any advantages of schools. The children born to them were Henry H., Charles, Philip, Samuel, George, John, Ezekiel, Nancy, Betsey, and Marie; all of whom grew to maturity, each having a large family. The eldest of these children, Henry H., was born June 28, 1786, and in 1814 was married to Margaret ROBERTS, who was born October 18, 1794. Both lived to a good old age at the old FRITZ settlement in what is now Sugarloaf Township. They were the parents of the following named children: John, born July 27, 1815; Charlotta, November 13, 1816; George, May 1, 1818; Jacob H., January 30, 1820; Josiah, February 2, 1822; William, August 30, 1823; Jesse, June 8, 1825; Martha, June 20, 1827; Sarah, May 21, 1829; Mary A., May 2, 1831; Elizabeth, January 25, 1833; Margaret, May 8, 1835; Rachel, April 15, 1839. All of these married except Sarah. George, the third in order of age of these thirteen children, was born at FRITZ Hill, where he spent his early days. He was there married in November, 1841, to Elsie HESS, who was born November 19, 1820, daughter of Henry HESS. In the second year after their marriage they located at their present place of residence. They were the parents of the following named children: Euphemia, born November 9, 1842; Lydia A., August 20, 1844; William, March 29, 1846; Thomas B., October 5, 1849; George W., June 10, 1852; Joe W., October 28, 1854; Susan J., August 5, 1857; Alonzo P., July 20, 1860; Welbert E., September 15, 1864. Mr. and Mrs. George FRITZ are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and he is a local preacher of that denomination. He is an active citizen and has been intrusted by his fellow citizens with a number of township offices. He is the owner of sixty-seven acres of land. Jacob H. is next in order of age to George. He was also born at the old homestead on FRITZ Hill. On the 15th of February, 1846, he was united in marriage with Amanda LAUBACH; they were the parents of the following children: William S, who is a dentist in Michigan; Rosella (HESS), lives in Michigan; LaFayette, who died in infancy; Amandus, married and now a resident of Sugarloaf Township; Theodore, a druggist in Michigan; Alice (METZGAR) lives at Millville; Erastus, a resident of Sugar Loaf Township; Bedell, died at the age of sixteen years; J. A., a dentist and resident of Michigan; C. E., a photographer in Benton; Perry L., a druggist in Michigan; Flora A., a teacher, and John M., who resides with his parents. Jacob H. FRITZ, who spent his whole life at farm work and in his early days used a flax broke, swingling knife, threshing club and other like primitive farming implements. For fifty-two years he swung the grain cradle. In his school days he trudged through snow two and a quarter miles to the log structure where school was held. He received little assistance from outside sources and had to hoe his own row from boyhood. At the age of twenty-one he received his first office and the voters of the township have never suffered him to be without official position since that time, every office in the township being entrusted to him except that of supervisor. He has also been coroner of Columbia County, and jury commissioner; also lieutenant in the militia. but the discharge of his official duties has not prevented him from bettering his condition in a financial way, and the poor boy of forty years ago is now the possessor of 300 acres of land and a comfortable home. For half a century he has been an active member of the Episcopal Church, and for thirty-five years of that period has guided the destinies of the church Sunday-school as its superintendent. He has also been vestryman, secretary and treasurer of the church, and St. Gabriel's Church owes to his efforts much of its present prosperity. The only living children of Philip FRITZ, Sr., are Samuel and Ezekiel, who resides in Susquehanna County. He was married in 1824 to Sarah SPENCER, now deceased. They were the parents of nine children: Maria, Nancy, Andrew J., Elias, Jefferson, Aaron R., Hiram, Gearhart and Cyrus. Aaron R., the sixth of these children in order of age, was born in Benton Township, this county, March 22, 1836. He was married May 29, 1873, to Miss Rebecca A., daughter of Hiram BAKER, of Jackson Township. Mr. FRITZ is a member of the I. O. O. F. Lodge, No. 746, at Benton. He is the possessor of 100 acres of land. He farms this land, but his principal occupation is and has been lumbering. For nearly a century the FRITZ family has been identified with Columbia County and its history, and some of its members have witnessed almost its entire transformation from a primitive wilderness to its present prosperous condition. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 539)

JESSE FRITZ, farmer, P. O. Cole's Creek, was born June 8, 1825, and was married January 8, 1848, to Miss Sarah DILLS, daughter of George DILLS, Sugarloaf Township, this county, whose wife was Sophia HESS, and the following named children were born to them: John W., November 8, 1848, now in Jackson Township, this county; Andrew L., August 30, 1850, an attorney in Bloomsburg, Penn.; Alvaretta, November 25, 1853 (died November 3, 1857); Drusilla, November 2, 1856, wife of Jasper LEWIS, on Cole's creek; Rachel E., February 5, 1859, wife of William SUTLIFF, of Luzerne County, Penn., and Sheridan S., August 9, 1865. Mrs. FRITZ died March 5, 1881, and he then married, June 29, 1883, Mrs. Rosanna GIRTON, nee Rosanna HESS. Our subject lives on the old homestead, commonly known as "FRITZ Hill," which has been his home since he was a boy. He owns eighty-nine acres of land. In 1880 Mr. FRITZ was chosen justice of the peace, and has since served the township in that capacity. In politics he is a Democrat.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 539)

E. S. FRITZ, farmer, P. O. Cole's Creek, was born in Sugarloaf Township, Columbia Co., Penn., January 19, 1832, son of Samuel FRITZ. He lived with his parents until 1858, in which year he was married to Miss C. J., daughter of William SEWARD. Our subject and wife, when first married, lived on Cole's creek, where they owned a farm; then moved to the saw-mill owned by Hughes, and there remained four years; then came to their present place of 107 acres, seven miles north of Benton. Mr. and Mrs. FRITZ have two children: Americas S., a teacher by profession, born March 28, 1860, and Esther A., born March 14, 1866. Our subject is a member of Benton Lodge, No. 746, I. O. O. F. He is town clerk, which position he has held for years; also overseer of the poor, and for six years has been one of the school directors, having served as secretary of the board for three years.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 539)

JESSE HARTMAN, farmer, P. O. Cole's Creek, was born March 8, 1821, in Fishingcreek Township, this county, son of Frederick H. and Elizabeth (BEST) HARTMAN; former was born in Northampton County, Penn., in 1792, latter died when our subject was two years old. He is of German descent. Jesse HARTMAN lived in Fishingcreek Township till he was twenty-one years old, then moved to Fairmount Springs, Luzerne County, where he followed shoemaking seven years; he then came to this township, settling on the farm of 100 acres he now occupies. This he has improved and built on, and now has about fifty acres under cultivation. MR. HARTMAN married, March 7, 1844, Miss Lydia, daughter of George GEARHART of Fairmount Springs, and they have the following children: Minor, a shoemaker in Berwick, this county; Fletcher, at home; Rufus A., in Sugarloaf Township; Franklin P., in Cole's creek, this county; William, in Sugarloaf Township; Alvira, wife of Matthew Phenix, in Cameron County, Penn.; Anna, wife of E. G. RUSSEL, in Clearfield County, Penn.; Adelade and Jeanette, at home. Mr. HARTMAN, in 1862, performed nine months' service in the Union Army. His son, Minor, was also a soldier of the late war, having served during the greater part of the struggle. Our subject has served the people of the township in the capacity of constable and supervisor. In politics he is a Democrat.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 539)

RUFUS A. HARTMAN, farmer, P. O. Fairmount Springs, was born August 13, 1851, a son of Jesse HARTMAN. He left home when eighteen years old and went up "West Branch," working a number of years lumbering. He has worked at Berwick, this county, several years in building cars, doing the word work. He came to his present home in 1885. Mr. HARTMAN was married August 22, 1878, to Miss Ida, daughter of Eleazer ZANER, at Colley, Sullivan County, and they have two children: Arvilla G., born December 29, 1879, and Lewis M., born March 18, 1881. Mr. HARTMAN has invented a very useful piece of machinery, a railway gate, which is being tested at Berwick at present, and the future looks bright for the inventor.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 540)

ALVIN A. HARVEY, farmer, P. O. Fairmount Springs, Luzerne County, was born at Fairmount Springs, May 15, 1841, son of Alfred H. and Margaret (STEADMAN) HARVEY, former of whom was a native of Huntington, Luzerne Co., Penn., born in 1812. Our subject married November 4, 1863, Sarah, daughter of Earl BOSTON of Benton Township, this county, and they lived in Fairmount, Luzerne county, two years after their marriage, and then they came to Sugarloaf Township and settled near the "Five Points," where he now lives. One feature worthy of mention is the good horses owned by our subject. His children are Bettie, Nora, and Phebe D., the two oldest teachers, and were educated in New Columbus, Luzerne Co., Penn. In politics Mr. HARVEY is a Republican.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 540)

JACOB W. HERRINGTON (deceased) was born in Rensselaer County, N. Y., June 10, 1799; son of Jesse HERRINGTON, a native of Massachusetts, and who came to Pine Creek, Huntington Township, Luzerne Co., Penn., in 1821. Our subject, in 1836, came to Upper Cole's creek, this township, where he had obtained a tract of 500 acres of land. Carried on the lumber business and manufacturing shingles by the "shaving" process until 1841, in which year he erected a saw-mill adjoining that of J. B. DAVIS, to whom he sold his mill in 1866. Mr. HERRINGTON then remained retired the rest of his life, dying October 1, 1878. In 1827 he married Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas BAKER, who was born at Kingston, in the Wyoming Valley, and at one time owned half of the Island there. Thomas was present at the massacre of Wyoming, and his father was killed in a battle with the Pennamites and Indians at Tillbury Creek, near Plymouth, during the Revolutionary war. The BAKER family came to Huntington Township, and here Mrs. HERRINGTON was born. She died June 16, 1883, the mother of the following children: Milton, born April 30, 1828; Mary M., May 11, 1830; Eltruda, June 28, 1832; Newton, August 5, 1834; John, January 7, 1837; Amanda R., May 7, 1843, and Harriet E., April 3, 1845. Newton was married October 26, 1856, to Miss Melissa DILDINE, who was born September 27, 1838, and died July 14, 1885, and by her had the following named children: Herbert; Alice A.; Jacob W. died May 15, 1864; Frances E., John E. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 540)

JOSHUA B. HESS, farmer, P. O. Central, was born November 4, 1835, on the farm known as the Henry HESS, Sr., place, and is a son of Henry HESS, Sr. April 1, 1869, he married Eda Amanda, daughter of Abram SORBER, of Union Township, Luzerne Co., Penn., and they lived on the old home farm till 1877, when they moved to their present place. Mr. HESS has seventy-five acres of the home farm and 125 of timber land. Our subject and wife have had the following six children: Jennie B. (deceased), Herdick B., Lizzie O., Ira T., Alie G. and Grover Cleveland. The family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. for fifteen years Mr. HESS was postmaster at Central. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 540)

HENRY C. HESS, P. O. Central. Charles HESS (deceased) a shoemaker by trade, was born in Northampton County, Penn., and came to this county, locating in Bloom Township, where he married Nancy CULP. He resided in the townships of Bloom, Hemlock and Mount Pleasant, and in 1833 moved to Espy, this county, where he died that same year, and was buried on the hill at Bloom, in the old cemetery laid out by Mr. EYER. Mr. and Mrs. HESS had a family of eleven children, all living; Rachel, married to Fred FRUTCHIE (they resided in Northampton County, Penn., where she is still living, at the age of seventy-five); Aaron, also in Northampton township (was a member of the Legislature in 1862 and 1863), married Margaret RUNDYO, of Northampton County; Elisha, in Ross Township, in Luzerne County, married Mary SCOTT, now deceased; Joseph, in Fishingcreek Township, this county: Elizabeth, in New Jersey; Catherine, wife of Abram HESS, in this township; Henry C.; Shadrach, residing in Benton Township, this county, with his daughter Adelia; Lenah, wife of Abram NICHOLAS, in Northampton County, Penn.; Charles, in Ross Township, Luzerne Co., Penn.; Margaret, wife of Mr. BROADT, in Michigan. Henry C. was born May 24, 1821, at Bloomsburg, and lived in the neighborhood of Bloom until he was thirteen years old, when he came to this township, where he commenced carpentering with Peter HESS, which trade he has since continued. He was married February 3, 1842, to Rhoda, daughter of Henry HESS, who gave him a lot on which he (Henry C.) built a house. They had one child, Elmira, born November 9, 1842, wife of David KOCHER, and they have seven children: Mary E., Lenora M., Wellington E., Isabella, Grace, Malcolm O. and Warren. Mrs. Henry C. HESS died September 10, 1885, and is buried at St. Gabriel's Church. Mr. HESS has been a justice of the peace two terms. In politics he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 540)

Andrew LAUBACH, Guava, was born January 10, 1826, in Mount Pleasant Township, this county, son of Frederick and Mary (LURISH) LAUBACH. He was twice married, first time February 22, 1848, to Nancy BRITTON, of New Columbus, Luzerne Co., Penn., by whom he had the following named children; John Britton, born January 8, 1849, a dentist in Benton, this county; Mary E., born July 24, 1850, wife of G. L. HESS; Almira, born October 2, 1851, wife of Westbrook HOWELL, in Michigan; Clarence, born July 6, 1853 married to Martha COLE, who was born May 3, 1863 (they have the following children: Horton, William H., Glenn, Freeze and Emma); and Nancy, born March 10, 1856. Mrs. LAUBACH dying March 22, 1856, our subject marrying for his second wife , February 17, 1857, Emeline, daughter of William STEPHENS, and to this union five children were born: Benson, born April 27, 1858, in Lairdsville, Lycoming County, Penn.; Edwin F., born December 4, 1859, married to Mary E., daughter of William BELLES, of New Columbus, Penn. (they have one child, Nora B.); Nora Catherine, born September 9, 1862; Sarah Eugenie, born May 12, 1865, died March 1, 1868, and William B., born April 15, 1870. E. F. LAUBACH after his marriage lived two years in New Columbus, Penn., and was in the hotel business during 1884 and 1885, coming to Guava April 1, 1886, where he has since remained. In politics Mr. LAUBACH is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 541)

JAMES N. PENNINGTON was born in Fairmount Township, Luzerne Co., Penn., December 20, 1834. Jesse PENNINGTON, grandfather of James N., came to what is now Columbia County from Montgomery County, Penn., in 1801, after his marriage with Rebecca COLLEY, daughter of Jonathan COLLEY. Upon their arrival they settled in what is now Benton Township, south of Swartwout's mill, and while living at this location their son Jonathan, father of James N., was born August 21, 1804. Jonathan was married October 9, 1826, to Phoebe H. TUBBS. They were the parents of eight children: Nathan T., Jesse R., Sally Ann, James N., Mary E., John C., Alex R. and Lolie B. Of the five sons, four served their country in the war of the Rebellion; Nathan T. was a volunteer in the Sixteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry; John C. enlisted August 13, 1862, in the One Hundred and Forty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; Alex R. was a volunteer in the One Hundred and Ninety-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. James N. was married July 4, 1859, to Miss Eliza, daughter of John LAUBACH, who bore him the following children: Nathan W., Charles B., Winfred S., Phebe B., Mary C. and John N. Mrs. PENNINGTON died in 1871, and in 1874 Mr. PENNINGTON was married to Sarah C., daughter of J. C. HESS, and to the latter marriage have been born the following children: Harry E., Jared D., Lizzie P., Martha P., Chester A., J. Horton. In 1862 James N. was drafted into Company A, One Hundred and Seventy-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. At the close of his term of service he returned home, but in 1864 he enlisted in Company H, One Hundred and Ninety-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered in at Philadelphia in September. He was mustered out June 4, 1865, at Arlington Heights. His first battle was at LEWIS farm. He was wounded in the left thigh and hand at Five Forks. He served in the final campaign of Grant's army until Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Mr. PENNINGTON is a member of Post No. 283, G. A. R., and of Fairmount Springs Grange and P. of H. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 541)

JOHN ROBERTS came to Benton Township, this county, from near Norristown, Penn., about the same time as the COLEs and HESSes, settling near the Ira THOMAS mill. He owned at one time a tract of 472 acres of land, but sold all except seventy-two acres. He died in November, 1834. He had two sons: John and William, and four daughters: Margaret, who married Henry J. FRITZ; Catharine, who married A. A. KLINE; Lillie, who married Mathias RHONE, and Nancy, who married George KLINE, of Ohio. John went to Mercer County, Ohio, thence into the army where he died. William was born near Norristown, Penn., and came to this county when very young, and died on his farm February 25, 1854. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Matthias RHONE, and she died in 1876, the mother of the following named children: John, Matthias, George, Hannah, Susanna, Wilson W., Samuel, Sarah Jane, David and Lemuel. William ROBERTS purchased of his father about 400 acres of land, and built thereon a log house and a log barn. He cleared about 100 acres, and just before his death sold 173 acres. Samuel, his son and the subject proper of this sketch, was born November 18, 1834, where he now resides, and has always lived there. When a young man he learned the wheelwright trade, and this he followed until 1856, when he took up farming, which he has since made his chief occupation. In 1881 he commenced the manufacture of lumber, buying the timber, and this he still carries on. He bought 116 acres of the old homestead, and another 116 acres, part of the latter belonging to the old John ROBERTS property; also has a half interest in 102 acres in Pine Township, this county. He cultivates about 100 acres. On his farm Mr. ROBERTS has one of the best orchards in the county, situated above Orangeville, containing 1,000 trees, which in 1881 yielded 1,500 bushels of apples, being mostly late or winter apples of the best variety. He manufactures the apples into cider, and makes vinegar for the markets. Mr. ROBERTS was married October 15, 1856, to Rebecca, daughter of Philip FRITZ, and by her he had ten children: Rhoda, wife of A. C. HESS, in Michigan; Charity, wife of Philip HIRLEMAN, in Jackson Township, this county; George W., who married Agina RUNGER; Elizabeth C., wife of Scott LAUBACHS; Charles W.; William F.; Rosa M.; Peter; Laura and Lillie. Mr. and Mrs. ROBERTS and four of their children are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In politics he is a Democrat.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 541)

JAMES M. SHULTZ, farmer, was born February 26, 1828, in Benton Township, this county, son of Samuel and Mary (McCARN) SHULTZ, latter born in Philadelphia. Daniel SHULTZ, the father of Samuel, came to Greenwood Township, this county, from Northumberland County, in 1808. Their children were Mary C. (deceased wife of James KILE), Hugh (deceased), Rebecca (widow of Peter APPLEGATE), William (deceased), Eliza (wife of Ezra STEPHENS). The father died in October, 1827, and the mother in May, 1834. Our subject was reared in Fairmount Township, Luzerne Co., Penn., till he was seventeen years old, when he came to this township and learned the carpenter and millwright trade of Peter HESS, for whom he worked in all seven years. After this he followed lumbering four years; then again worked at his trade on his own account till 1870, in which year he again took up lumbering, which he followed till 1874, since when he has engaged exclusively in farming. He located on his farm in 1868, having bought 174 acres which he still owns. Mr. SHULTZ was married, February 5, 1850, Elizabeth, daughter of George MOSTELLER, and they had eleven children: Charity, wife of William CLINGER; Lany (deceased); Eliza, wife of Moses SAVAGE; Samuel (deceased); Peter K.; Mary, wife of A. COLE; Richard; Henry Allen (deceased); Eldora; Rena M., and Philip. Mr. SHULTZ was elected supervisor in the spring of 1885, and has served as constable.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 542)

PETER K. SHULTZ, farmer, blacksmith, etc., P. O. Central, was born March 30, 1856, in this township, near Central. He lived under the paternal roof until 1878, on November 17, of which year, he was married to Miss Helen, daughter of Collins SUTLIFF, who settled in this township and died on the property where Conrad HESS lived. When of age our subject learned blacksmithing at Cole's Creek with B. F. PETERMAN, and after finishing his apprenticeship commenced his trade at Central, where he worked two years (till 1883), then moved to his present place, having bought seventy-four acres of land, the SUTLIFF property, at that time all woodland, and here he has now the finest place between Benton and the North Mountains, all the improvements having been made by his own exertions. He has about twenty acres cleared. Here he has also built a shop, in which he does blacksmithing and general woodwork repairing. Mr. and Mrs. SHULTZ have two children: Hurley G. and Marvay Dane. The family attend the services of the Methodist Protestant Church. In politics Mr. SHULTZ is a Democrat.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 542)

EZRA STEPHENS, farmer, P. O. Central, was born in Sugarloaf Township, Columbia Co., Penn., January 31, 1820. His father was a native of Connecticut, and descended from ancestors who came over in the Mayflower. The great-grandfather of Ezra in an early day moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut, where the grandfather died, and from which State the father of Ezra went to the State of New York when nine years of age; there he lived until the age of nineteen years, when he settled in Columbia County, Penn., where he remained until his death. His birth occurred in 1798. Ezra STEPHENS lives at present in Jackson Township, attending to the saw-mill of A. STEWART, located in the northwest corner of the township. His life has been spent in Sugarloaf Township (except during his term of service in the army), where he cleared up a large farm in his time, and now owns a good property. October 16, 1862, he was drafted in the united States service, and served until August 11, 1863, during which time he was at Fortress Monroe, Newport News, Yorktown and Whitehouse Landing. He was a preacher at one time in the Methodist Church, but has to some extent abandoned the calling. Mr. STEPHENS has reared a family of seven boys and two girls.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 542)

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